Heeeeeere's Becker!

I have been putting off making a higher quality sketch of Becker for a few days because the first sketch I did turned out great and I wasn't sure I could do it again. He just has so many distinguishing features: the goatee, the glasses, the smug look of a douche bag, the huge forehead.

I don't know about you, but I think this looks just like him. Like, if Becker somehow got sucked into a cartoon this is exactly what he would look like. Especially if it was a cartoon drawn by me.

I hope he likes it.

Bri Take 2

Here is another Bri. I think this is the final version. I spent a lot of time and a lot of paper trying to work out the hair. I hope you will agree that this is a lot better than the mess of spaghetti on her head before.

I have preliminary sketches for Andrew and Becker and Meier, and those will be up soon.

I think that is all for now.

Another Me

Here's another drawing of me. I think I will be focusing on drawing people's faces for a while, and just post those. Maybe next week I will just post drawings of people's legs. You can mix and match.

I am trying to sketch a lot of my friends but since the sketches are so minimalistic it is difficult draw someone who doesn't have distinguishing facial features. I will do what I can.

Check back occasionally for updates. Maybe I will draw you.

Future Human Evolution

Becker stayed at my house until after 4:00am. Somehow we resisted the Xbox 360 with Burnout Paradise in the tray and just talked about stuff. Somehow we got on the subject of human evolution.

Will humans continue to evolve? Could human evolution possibly continue in the same way that got us to where we are now? Is it possible to prevent evolution?

Yes. No. No.

I envision a very distant future in which the evolution of technology has paralleled the evolution of man.


We develop technology such that most things have been automated (i.e. agriculture, manufacturing, cooking, etc.) and humans manipulate these automated systems via computers. Eventually we are no longer required to type commands because computers understand voice commands. Later we no longer have to voice our commands because the computers can read our brain waves.

Computer input does not evolve on it's own. Output evolves as well. Computers do not present information through peripherals anymore. The computer does not display an image of something on a screen which we view with our eyes; the computer sends the same signal our eyes would send to our brain directly to the brain. The same with the other senses.

Physically humans are diminished. We no longer need eyes, ears, taste buds, nerve endings to experience the world. Our technology can see and hear and taste and feel things for us, and send the signals to our brains.

This is not worse! It is better. Our current senses are limited to the area around our bodies because our sensory organs are attached, essentially, to our brains. In the future our "eyes" can be probes light years away; our "ears" can be speakers at the bottom of the ocean.

Our sensory organs are limited anyway. The human eye can only experience the electromagnetic spectrum between wavelengths of 400 and 700 nanometers. The human ear cannot sense sounds below 20 hertz or above 20 000 hertz. We currently have instruments that are more sensitive or are sensitive to a different range than human senses. If we could experience these aspects of the universe that we are missing in a more intuitive way, imagine how our understanding of the universe might progress.

By using technology as our senses, we would be able to visit distance galaxies and witness events such as the creation and annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs. What could be more exciting or more beautiful than this?

Proselytizing Atheist

I thought of another good name for the blog. The Proselytizing Atheist. I like it. More people should be atheists. I can make that happen. Can I change the name and address of the blog once it has already been published? Should I? Is there enough cream cheese on my bagel? We may never know.


Here's Bri. I think I did a pretty good job. I mean, I remembered that girls wear skirts instead of pants and have boobs. I am not sure about the hair though. If I don't draw enough strands, she looks like a chemo patient, but if I draw too many she looks like I poured spaghetti on her head.


My First

This is my first attempt at making a sketch of myself. The students in the club that I advise (the Graphic Literature Association a.k.a. Comic Book Club a.k.a. Nerdsquad) have inspired me to right write a comic.

I finally have something to base off of Becker's three utterances on a salvia trip.

(1) I've dreamed of this...
(2) Those poor people...
(3) Close the door...

I figure I can work those three lines into a comic about the zombie apocalypse. Right?

P.S. In the drawing I am wearing contacts. Also, I don't have any arms. Arms are hard for me to draw. Use your imagination.