From the Archives: July 23

I used to think that a blog had to be specialized; that I needed different blogs to present different ideas. Hogwash!

In my local paper, The Long Island Advance, there is a weekly (as is the paper) segments titled From the Archives of the Long Island Advance, in which they present some news clips from 100, 75, and 50 years ago. A lot of the news is so mundane that I find it to be very funny. I hope that you do too.

From 100 Years Ago:

  • Charles F. McNeil fell from a motorcycle in the rear of Roe's Hotel and was bruised up a bit.

  • Blanch, the 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Woodruff, was bitten by a dog, The wounds were cauterized and the dog was shot. The child is said to be out of danger

  • Bonaparte Overton was thrown from his carriage on West Main Street, corner of West Avenue, and received a number of scalp wounds. He is now out again.

  • John McVoy was arrested by Officer Smith and fined $5 by Justice Losee, the fellow being drunk and disorderly. McVoy was lying across the sidewalk on West Avenue, near Amity Street, partly dressed.


Danny Taft said...

"The wounds were cauterized"

How awesome is it that this is how things used to be dealt with.

'Oh, you got cut? Don't worry about it, we'll just burn you.'

Mark Weston said...

You changed the names in this, didn't you. John McVoy = Justin King.

jdk said...

Yes Mark, I was alive 100 years ago, and I got drunk and passed out naked.

BTW, I bet being "partly dressed" 100 years ago means taking off your jacket or hat.

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