Bless You?

Here is a post I made on an old blog from 2 years ago:

I have been swaying back and forth lately between saying "Bless you" and not saying "Bless you" when people around me sneeze. I NEVER say "God bless you" of course...that would be stupid.

Since I am currently working toward my teacher certification and Masters degree, I have been thinking about how things will be when I can a teacher. I certainly can't say "Bless you" sometimes and not say it other times, or students might think I am playing favorites.

I think the responsible thing for me to do as an atheist is to stop saying anything, but I am afraid people will find this to be rude. We need to come up with a new, secular phrase to use when people sneeze. Sometimes I tell people "Shut Up!" when they sneeze, but that's just plain mean.

As the title of my blog suggests, I have finished my education education (suggestions on something better to call that?) and I am now teaching physics at a high school on Long Island. The decision was easier to make than I thought - I just don't say anything. No one really cares.

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