The Missing Peace

I went into the city ("the city" = NYC, of course) Monday night for Andrew's birthday. We met one of his Canadian friends in Washington Square Park, and there were some people standing around the entrances handing out flyers or something. This is common urban areas, so I just ignored them as I walked by.

After dinner (which was great, by the way - OTTO is one of Mario Batali's restaurants, and the gelato was crazy good)we walked back to the park to relax for a few minutes. I noticed that a lot of the flyers those people had been hanging out were scattered about (Mitch Hedberg joke - "Here, you throw this away"). I also noticed that there were puzzle pieces on the cards, so I thought it had to do with autism awareness. It is so much better than that.

There's nothing offensive about it. It's just a harmless advertisement for the Times Square Church. I like it because of the clever(?) title: "The Missing Peace". Becker suggested that this is like the bumper sticker "Know Jesus, Know Peace. No Jesus, No Peace."

Christians are good with puns.

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