Bad Religion Song of the Week: Atheist Peace

Atheist Peace
Bad Religion
The Empire Strikes First

Maybe it's too late for intellectual debate
But a residue of confusion remains
Changing with the times and amphetamine tortured minds
Are the average citizen's sources of pain

Tell me what we're fighting for
I don't remember anymore, only temporary reprieve
And the world might cease if we fail to tame the beast
From the faith that you release comes an atheist peace

Political forces ran critical winds of discontent
And the modern age emerged triumphantly
But now it seems we've stalled and it's time to de-evolve
And relive the dark chapters of history

Tell me what we're fighting for
No progress ever came from war, only a false sense of increase
And the world won't wait for the truth upon a plate
But we're ready now to feast on an atheist peace

There are two levels of “atheist peace”: peace within oneself and peace in the world.

I think that atheism can be a great source of inner peace. One does not need to worry about the arbitrary rules of religions. Although trivial, perhaps, the various food laws of many religions are an extra thing to worry about.

An atheist also does not need to deal with the guilt associated with many religions. There is no “original sin” for atheists. We are responsible for our wrongdoings, but not those of our ancestors.

Also, theists have no solution to the paradox that “god is omnipotent”, “god is benevolent”, and “evil exists” are three statements that cannot all be true. Does God not care about us? Is he unable to prevent evil? Theists believe that the good things that happen to them are gifts from God, but what about the bad things? Atheists do not have these spiritual contradictions. Things happen, sometimes at the fault of no one, and we must deal with them.

In terms of world peace it is obvious, or at least it should be, that a world without religion would be a more peaceful place. Think of all the things that have been, are being, and will be done in the name of religion or because of peoples’ religious beliefs: crusades, witch hunts, fighting in Northern Ireland, wars between Israelis and Palestinians, destruction of the Twin Towers. The list goes on.

Religion is a label that divides people, just like race. We don’t need it.

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