People Who Have Read the Entire Bible

I can't disagree with this chart.  I mean, it's completely unscientific, but that's beside the point.  If you read the whole Bible, and I mean really read it, I don't see how you could believe everything some people believe.  There are plenty of contradictions in there and lots of stories that have pretty ambiguous moral conclusions.

At the very least, any reasonable person would have to admit that the book was definitely the product of man, and not some divine word of god.  That alone would prevent you from fully participating in many Christian sects.

I guess this infographic might also be a commentary on the mentalities of believers and non-believers.  Many atheists I know (I hesitate to say most atheists) also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which leads them to learn about other people's beliefs, especially of the dominant religion in their country.

Religious people might be content to have the bible interpreted for them, and to be told what to believe and how to worship.  In fact, for many years the Bible was only available in Latin, preventing all but the priestly class and other well educated people from reading it and developing their own interpretation.

tl;dr - Read the bible.


Pastor Matt said...

Eternity is an awful long time to be wrong!

Hope you are as secure with your stance as I am with mine.

Your garden variety Christian.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Matt,

Are you sure it's not the Muslims who are right? And not Hindus? And not the hundreds other gods in which people believe in today? And not the thousands of gods in which people believed int he past?

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